Thursday, 28 April 2011

La Petit Mouche has arrived.....

Finally after sitting in the Parcel Force office all over Easter......

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Dissertation Hand-in Day

We are there, after weeks and weeks of proof reading and agonising over sentences, and questioning nearly every full stop, comma and semi colon (or should that be a colon?) to day is the day that Mr S hands in his dissertation and final assignment. It has taken him seven years - well six really because last year doesn't count - and now apart from his final exam which is at the end of May (the last week of the exam period) it is all done.

He has registered his intention to graduate and bought the tickets for the ceremony (new outfit for me perhaps!). It actually feels quite surreal, the end of an era. This will change our lives completely - no more fitting in around a timetable and deadlines, and it means that all those little or not so little jobs that have been put off will get done!

Oh and I finished my Christchurch Shawl on Tuesday
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