Saturday, 25 April 2015

Life just keeps getting in the way!

I realised yesterday that a month had sped by since I last posted, then I considered what had I had achieved, in the last 30 days.  Apart from cooking meals, cleaning up, washing (not ironing) shopping and all the other things that have to be done just to keep body and soul together.

I have spun just under 2000 yards of finished yarn, considering that most of that was 2 plied, that means I spun 4000 yards of singles

BFL - Salvation Jane from Southern Cross Fibres

Bond, Josephine, Winetasting, and Desert Rose, again from Southern Cross Fibres

Then I have been spinning fibre for the #MegaSAL on Ravelry. This is a collaboration of five dyers who have all come up with Discworld inspired colour ways. Discworld is the imaginary world of the late Terry Prachett whose books I have not read, can't abide books where you have to keep going back because you don't understand the lingo! But I have enjoyed the spinning......

This is Vetinari again from Southern Cross Fibres, and this one is Ank Morpork from FatCatKnits

Told you, his books were full of silly names, even the photo comes out on its side!

And then there were the Bags, lots of bags and sorting out my studio, no longer do I have a study, I now have a room where I can be crafty, I would say creative, but I am not sure that I am that sort of person! Creative to me is having the vision to create something new, out of the norm which is new or innovative!  

Gone the is the desk and big PC now I have a laptop and this super little drop down shelf which can be pulled up to give more space for creativity, in its space in the knitting machine with room underneath for all the cones of yarn!

And I made some trees! Little ones at 4mm to the foot

For Mr S

Tomorrow I go to Wonderwool ......

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