Friday, 25 March 2011

No pressure then!

I've been in a bit of rut recently - doing my usual thing of taking on too much (will I ever learn? - they do say that you can't teach an old horse new tricks - so no probably not!) and putting my self under pressure to complete (or should that be compete?) projects. Plus my stock of bags for the summer shows is growing - five more done this week.

I joined the 11 shawls in 2011 knit along, no pressure there, I have nearly finished number 3 and have 4 and 5 planned - so things are moving along quite nicely (although Mr S does complain that I am no company in the evenings as I always seem to be counting...)

Then there is the mystery shawl for 2011 issued in monthly instalments - this is going to be my first square shawl so I am quite excited - but I only joined this today, so I have the first three instalments to catch up on, and I still have to dye the yarn...............

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

You know you're getting older when..

....policeman and teachers look as if they should still be at school.... have say who? when someone mentions a well-known celeb...

.... you know there is a hole in needle but just can't see it...'d rather go to bed with a good book than stay up.... really don't care what other people think... start sentences with - 'when I was a girl'... remember the first version of the film everyone is raving about... have more grey hairs than blonde ones.... and so on......

What brought all this one? Well I have been stitiching the binding on my first quilt - bought a special gold plated needle so that it would slide through the fabric with ease - trouble was that I couldn't thread it! Mr S got fed up with my asking him to 'just thread this needle for me' (don't think that he could see the hole that well either)

So I gave in and bought a needle threader - nifty little gadget - which puts the thread through the hole first time every time - its does just what it says on the packet, so why do I feel down about? Its that age thing, not wanting to admit etc

But the binding on the quilt is done and I am really pleased with the way my first quilt has turned out - this is for the caravan and I have made a headboard to match - and the odd bag or two!!!

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