Tuesday, 23 February 2016

New Loom!

I have been considering upgrading my loom for several months now. I spent far too long on the internet, searching and reading reviews on various looms.  I do not have the room for a floor loom even if I was able to use the treadles, which I can't!  I wanted more shafts at least 16 so this meant a dobby loom.  This brought the number to consider down to two possible looms.  The AVL Little Weaver and the Louet Magic Dobby.  The AVL is operated by computer only and is 16 inches wide, so not perfect, but the cost was exorbitant - over £6000 including shipping and customs etc.. 

So I was left with the Magic, I got all sorts of reports regarding this loom, all bad - the shed is too small, it is impossible to advance the weaving, the treadle is useless, the shafts are heavy and hard to lift and so on.  I really only got a good review from Clare (Mintyweaver) and from a couple of weavers in America on Ravelry.  One owner, who had offered me her electronic at an inflated price, later admitted she hated it and blamed all her bad weaving on the inadequacies of this loom.  Could it really be that bad?  It was obviously a Marmite loom - love it or hate it   

At the beginning of February I met up with Louet Magic Dobby owner, Clare, in Shrewsbury where the local guild had generously agreed that we could set up the loom during their Friendship Day.  We arrived at 11am and for nearly three hours I explored the 'failings' of the loom...

Small shed, well only if you are used to a floor loom, it was almost identical to the shed on my Ashford - my Glimakra shuttles slid through with ease, so no problems with that.  The loom can be operated by either pulling down a lever or depressing the treadle - one or the other - not both!  We did not bother to attach the treadle and the lever work like a dream - with no problems I could lift all 24 shafts, which in the ordinary way of weaving would never happen.  In those three hours I had dispelled all my fears....

I had found my loom - the only problem was that for me sat in my wheelchair the loom was too high by about 10cms or 4 inches. Possibly a diy job, but before I committed an email to Louet was called for.

Please can you lower a loom for me - yes, said Jan Louet!

Order placed...

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