Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Summer Flies

I can't believe that FibreEast was over a month ago, since then the gang and I demonstrated spinning at the Gillingham and Shaftesbury Show and last weekend saw us meeting up at Fibrefest, where some of us spent too much!!! But who could resist this lovely little sheep that was just asking to come home with me??

Where oh where has the past month gone I wonder! Looking back I have been incredibly busy being creative and it has been such fun - bags, bags and more bags - I just love making them and each one has its own personality and function. My favourite at the moment is the really funky clutch bag with a big bobble clasp in a fantastic 70s retro fabric and I can't wait to make another, this time for me...........

The Sheep Fairs are just about over now which is just as well as the sheep pen is full of fleeces and I have just acquired another lovely fleece - a recently hand-shorn Black Welsh Mountain shearling - which brings the tally up to six - I just need to find the hours and the weather to wash and prepare all these fleece for spinning up.

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