Sunday, 22 January 2012

All stitched up - at last!

I have just finished piecing together the quilt for our bed. This project has been in the planning stage for nearly a year! I bought the fabric last January, some at Quilty Pleasures in Brighton and the rest at my favourite shop in Clevedon and then nothing - I put all the fabric away in my stash and there it has stayed until a couple of weeks ago. I had poured over various quilting books and magazines and nothing said 'bedroom quilt' - then I saw the quilt my friend Fee had made for a present - very very red with a touch of turquoise - inspirational............. and the result -

The blocks are a cross between a fence panal and a log cabin - with a touch of colour in the centre of each block. Even Molly and Mr S are happy with the design so I just need for my sewing cabinet to arrive so that I can actually quilt it!

So in the meantime I should finish some of wips - I have two cushions for the Woolsack project done, but not sewn up, a top for me and Mr S on needles and two shawls on the go and some lovely baby camel and tussah silk on the bobbin - plus several needlecases and bags cut out ready to stitch!! By the end of the month perhaps?

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

What a difference one pill makes

Lost yesterday completely - just because I totally forgot to take my Tramadol on Monday night! My excuse is that because we had been to the Spinning Weal in the evening our usual bedtime routine was upset! Woke up feeling at death's door and had no idea why until I came to take the morning dose - certainly know what it must be like to need a fix, but at least mine are prescription drugs and I have a plentiful supply............. I suppose it does show me what my life would be like without them - non-existent!

Just about beginning to feel human again this morning, but we have had to change our plans for a day out today - so I will spend the day on the sofa, still this means that I shall finish my first shawl of 2012 by this evening.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Decision Made

After exhaustive testing I have decided that the best needles for lace are the Chiaogoo Red Lace Needles which I got from Purlescence.

I like these because the join between cable and needle is so so smooth and they are really light. In second place were the Addi Lace with the red cable - nice pointy ends but snags slightly at the join, but they do a 3mm (US 2.5) which the Chiaogoo don't!

However as none of these are interchangeable it means that I shall have to gradually (?) acquire at least one of each length - not explain this very small detail to Mr S yet, but as he is already making noises about needing a larger lathe that shouldn't be too much of a problem!

Today is the first of 2012 so I cast on my first shawl using some knit pro needles.............. lets just hope they don't break before their replacement arrives next week.

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