Wednesday, 19 September 2012

We made a difference....

Life is gradually getting back to normal after the excitement of the Paralympics – early mornings and long shifts certainly took a lot of effort especially as both Mr S and I aren't used to a regular routine. But the experience was as I expected = a once in a life time affair. Complete strangers stopped to speak and thank us for the marvellous job that Games Makers were doing.

The number of people that came to the Paralympics was mind blowing – fourteen thousand people came to Eton Manor on the Sunday........ People actually paid to watch, unlike Beijing where people were forced to attend! The weather was amazing, which certainly made the week outstanding, brilliant sunshine day after day - a true Indian Summer! It was so hot that I had to use sun screen, a very unusual occurrence.... and hopefully I have inspired a few people to try Wheelchair Tennis.

I had managed to switch from Technology to Team Events at the last minute which was great and it meant that I was the only wheelchair user at Eton Manor (other than the players and the doctor) that was in full public view..... I got to watch some of the best matches while on duty at the entrance to the courts. Peter Norfolk failed to defend his title, but did get a silver medal in the Quad doubles, and Lucy and Jordanne won the Bronze in the Ladies doubles.

The week seems surreal now, it was as if we were in a bubble divorced from reality – so much that we managed to lose track of the days and arrived a day early at the stopover site on our way to have the caravan serviced!!

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