Monday, 1 April 2013

April Blues........... Colouring my year.....

Blue is the new spring green...............  Well apparently after the winter months blue is the April sky as in Irving Berlin's:

Blue skies
Smiling at me
Nothing but blue skies
Do I see...............

There is a knit-a-long for April, knit anything as long as the yarn is blue............. and I happen to be knitting two shawls both with an element of blue..............................strange old world ain't it?

This is Siberian Iris by LindaCC  which was inspired by the Siberian Irises flowering in her garden.  I love her patterns and aspire to design shawls nearly as nice as hers
Well this got me thinking about colours and association with particular months - for me yellow is March, lots of dancing daffodils as Wordsworth's poem, 'A host of golden daffodils'.
January is white for the snowdrops that appear from under the ground when everything looks dead.

But what about the other months?  Pink for cherry blossom is May and Strawberry red is June, October is rusty reds and oranges from the leaves as they fall from the trees, November is grey and December Black as is February (both bad months!)
That leaves July, August and September all summer months - perhaps August should be purple as it is named after a Roman Emperor but I am completely baffled over July and September - nothing stands out as a striking colour that jumps into my head when I think of these two, and then I suddenly thought July is the Tour De France so multi-colours as in the jersey's of the riders - yellow for the overall leader, green for the sprinter and red polka dot for the king of the mountains, and white for the best young rider and there is the Tour de Fleece challenges on Ravelry which is always for me bright colours!
But what of September?  As a child September was back to school after the long summer holiday, new uniform and shoes and the inevitable essay 'What I did in the holidays' but no colour bring these memories to life.............. although last year, 2012, and the Paralympics in September, the colours were purple and orange of the Games Maker's uniform and memories of the wonderful event that I was a very small part of!
So April is blue for now, perhaps monitoring the thermometer which is currently standing at
 -C and the weather maps show the British Isles as ranging from dark to pale blue due we are told to the Jet Stream being to far south!  Perhaps I shall need the shawls currently on my needles to keep me warm during the summer months to come!

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