Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Of Wonderwool and other spinning things

Last Sunday the girls and I went to Wonderwool - that's it really because if you have been then you know what a fantastic day we had, and it you haven't then GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO next year and get a truly memorable fibre fix.

I probably spent too much, well OK I spent too much but I had a great time, talked to loads of people, put faces to names and finally discovered what is so special about the Scotch Egg man!  When I wrote out exactly what I had bought it did seem to be rather a lot especially as my list was so small.  But the important things were a WooLee Winder for my Matchless, (but that doesn't count as I had pre-order and paid for it) and some extra bobbins and a fast whorl as I am determine that Demelza will spin my finest lace yarn ever.

For not only have I discovered the pleasure of woollen spinning from my punis I have also been experimenting with the concept of cross lacing having recently watch 'Three Bags Full' and 'Spinning Luxury Yarns' with Judith Mackenzie.

This is my Black Sparkle spun from punis - 55grams and 230yards, woollen spun and 2 plied..

In fact I liked this so much that I have blended another bigger batch this time using Amethyst in both merino and silk - but there is still more black than any other colour (is black a colour??).

And some more batts this time blending Oatmeal BFL, White Shetland, Turquoise Merino and Ramie - Bluebirds over White Cliffs..

I am particularly pleased with these especially as I have finally worked out how to roll them like in the shops - well I did need some help, but that's what friends are for aren't they - thanks Fibrefrog!

This is pure luxury - cashmere, superfine merino and white tussah silk - a special blend from World of Wool  which I spun cross laced, spun worsted and 2 plied 493yards.

This is some Camel and Silk that I am spinning using Scotch tension and crossing the yarn back and across to reduce the take up and increase the twist.  Pretty happy so far with the results of this technique.....



  1. What a lovely haul from Wonderwool, enjoy!

    Love that blue, my kind of colour x

    Dawn x
    (I've had a move around of Woolly Wednesday, hope you can join in still, I love to read about what you are up to - inspires me x.
    Posted today instead of last week but then back to 1st Wed of the month from June but on my raisingseedlings blog)

  2. I've changed my link - I love reading what you and the others have been up to over the month - thanks for keeping this going it is such fun!

  3. The camel and silk you're spinning is a lovely colour. It's the first time I've seen the crossed over technique to reduce take-up, good idea.

    Jealous of your woollee winder - a great idea.


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