Friday, 2 August 2013

Before there was chaos!

A while back I re-organised my craft room from this

to this

Really all I did was remove the books and replace with yarn and fabric - was OK for a while and I have moved things around, acquired more boxes and lots more fibre, yarn and other spinning things!  So the situation was that I could get to my PC (just) and anything else required a major expedition into the unknown.

It fact it had got so bad that I couldn't even get up courage to take a photo - so there is no before picture!  In front of the bookcases was an area of floor completely invisible under my stash......  Plus I had no idea what was in a particular box or basket - looking for anything could and did take hours, and that is hours that could have been spent doing nice things like spinning.....................

So a couple of weeks ago I sat down and drew out a room plan.  From this it was obvious that the big desk (so necessary for an academic career) was completely dominating the room.  Clearly things had come to a head, and a major change was needed - lots of storage and a smaller desk!  A trip to Ikea was required! I now have 36 spaces for boxes and things, a smaller desk and a nifty storage area for my loom!

What followed was two weeks of sorting, scrapping and re-packing and now I have space - there is a floor and I can move round the room.  All my yarn and fibre is neatly stashed in boxes which are labelled!  In theory I should be able to find anything (well within reason) in a matter of minutes!

My desk

a hidey hole for my loom

This corner was where my desk used to be....


and thrifty reuse of the old bookcases - with lots of baskets and a few books!

In the middle of all this we went to Fibre East (as volunteers) and had a whale of a time - but I was very good and didn't add much to my stash, but did get to collect my fawn Bond and the chocolate Bond for the group - more of that when I have recovered....................


  1. Wow, wish I could get my craft area organized! Yours looks great.

  2. Thank you - it was hard work, but worth it I hope!

  3. What a lovely space, love the boxes - beautifully colourful and full of goodness no doubt x

    (madder on it's way this week now I've found it in the jungle!)

  4. I took an inventory too hides head in shame)I had no idea that I had that much merino roving - 3 kilos!!!


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