Sunday, 7 September 2014

When knitting gets in the way of spininng...............

Question do you spin to knit, or knit because you spin?  Just recently I just seem to have got the balance between the two quite right...  OK for the past couple of years I have knitted shawls as cover ups - which is a wrong reason for knitting shawls!  Last year my GP told me that I had to lose weight, or risk becoming a diabetic.  Perhaps that was the wake up I needed. In my heart I knew that I wasn't happy as I was which was why I hid behind the shawls..

Well, I have been a good girl - as of Sunday I have lost 13 kilos and I rediscovered my knitting sweater/cardigan mojo - garments that I want to be seen in, not something to hide in.

So my spinning wheels are feeling a little neglected as the knitting needles are my constant companion in the evenings.............

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