Monday, 13 October 2014

Northern Wanderings - week one......

September a month of Indian summer days and our favourite month for travelling...........

Our travels began on September 9th when we travelled up to Bury and spent a couple of days at Burrs Country Park on the Caravan Club site - no surprises that we were pitched right next to a railway line - preserved steam of course......

Of course we had to have a ride on said train, and I managed to get a little knitting while waiting for the train

But the main reason for the journey north was to visit the Sheepfest in Sedburg - it was the most amazing day, the whole community had engaged with the project, even the assistant in the local shop was dressed up as a sheep!  My favourite was the Post Office sheep a parcel addressed to:

Mrs BaarBarr Ewing at the Lambington Maternity Hospital, Fleece Street, Ramsbottom-on-Hay, Sufolk, SH3 3PS

Besides the sheep the was the most amazing dress of many colours in the church - made by the local school children..

While there was a lot of sheep on our travels, there were several trains rides and while we in the area we just had to ride the train over the Ribbleshead Viaducton the line from Settle to Carisle

Lovely on a warm Autumn day - but guess it would bleak and cold in the winter..............

So ends the first week of our Northern Perambulation ........... next stop Blackshaw Moor!

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