Thursday, 27 October 2011

and finally......

I have produced a fully working all singing, all dancing properly stitched needle case for my Knit Pro Interchangeable Needle Tips.

Why? Well there are plenty of needle cases for sale but there didn't seem to be one that fitted the picture I had in mind and I did spend quite some time searching for something that I liked and did the job. Lots of needle cases are designed for standard needles (which seems rather short-sighted particularly as knitting on circs is becoming very popular) and consisted of a roll of material. Would you believe that some weren't even padded - can't see what protection that would give to your needles, unless of course they are the metal variety.

I particularly wanted something that would hold all my tips, the cables, the little cable ends and the diddy thingy that you use to tighten the tips and cable together (which is grandly called a tightening key) and the needle gauge which is really important and the early tips don't have the size on them, so you need to check before use or face the consequences

I came up with two potential formats - one that folded sideways like a book and the other more like a clutch bag. I quickly disgarded the book type as despite a flap the tips kept falling out

Also there wasn't room for all my tips - I have at least two of each size - so although easy to make I felt I could do better - and I think I have - and here it is

Closed up with the tips safe and sound

and here the inside with plenty of slots for the tips and a zipped pocket for all those bits and pieces.....
and the outside showing the extra pocket.

I am thinking of going into production - would make a really nice christmas present for an avid knitter perhaps?


  1. Oh my goodness I've fallen in love! That fabric is gorgeous and even though I haven't mastered circ needles yet I want that bag!
    Sophie x


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