Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The Sun is coming back...

Yesterday was the shortest day, so today is the start of the new year! From today the earth starts to tip back on its axis until in June we get the longest day...... and I know which day I prefer. It's the lack of natural light I find depressing, particularly having the lights on at mid-day because it is so gloomy, although today the sun is shining so we are generating electricity! Probably not enough to run the two PCs currently powered up, but some and that can't be bad.

December and all the festivities is a marmite situation, you either love it or hate, I hate it and long for the relative peace and quiet that January will bring - I dislike the constant drone of the Christmas 'pop' music in the shops - did a quick shop for tonight's supper in a well-known large supermarket and we could hardly hear each other speak - quite understand why Internet grocery shopping is growing in popularity - shame that the nearest Waitrose doesn't deliver to us yet!

This year I have joined in a Knit-a-long - an Advent Scarf/Stole, and its has certainly helped - rather than dreading the impending 'day' I have been drawn along eagerly awaiting each day and its clue - this could be the answer to December blues -

Although it has been rather costly in needles - up to now I have used Knitpro interchangeable or fixed circulars, but breakages have become more commonplace - three 2.75m fixed circular needles broke in the last month, one after only a week - not good! So I thought I would canvas opinion on the best alternative - Addi Lace, Chiaogoo, Hiya, Denise, Kollage Square and dream on Lantern Moon.

A friend lent me a set of Denise, not keen they don't feel very substantial and I don't like the twist that attaches the cable to the needles - plus the join isn't very smooth - so a no

I bought a couple of Chiaogoo red lace cable needles and they are certainly very nice to use, the cable doesn't kink and the join is very smooth - so a contender!

Hiya - not managed to get any as yet, although I have just found a UK supplier so will order some after the holiday if they have the right size - why aren't there any 3mm, US 2.5, Old English size 11s when I want them?

Addi Red Lace, obviously picked up on the Chiaogoo with the red, but actually very nice to use - they are nickel plated brass and the join is so smooth - and I am using these for the Advent Stole KAL

The square needles feel strange although the tips are the usual round, a good needles, but the cable on the smaller sizes is so thin, I'd be worried that it would break and I'd lose the stitches

Lantern Moon - well I haven't tried them - and at £23 each I won't trying them for the forseable future unless a kind someone would like to put some in the raffle???

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