Thursday, 15 December 2011

When is a want a real need?

We joke at Spindyeweavers that there is no such thing as 'want', need is the word of choice.

There is a big difference between want and need, in today's consumer society we are pressured into needing/wanting all sorts of luxury items. I don't mean washing machines and dishwashers because they are essentials (well I think so because they let me get on with the more important things in life), but the latest gaming machine or the gadget advertised as this years object of desire aren't needed, just wanted, and this is a created want. Advertising creates wants the only real needs are food and warmth, everything else is a bonus you could say. This is getting very philosophical, but there is a reason for delving into need vs want.

Generally I can upgrade wanting something to I really need that! Well on small things and anything to do with spinning there is a real feeling of need, but yesterday I saw parked in Chepstow something I that I lust after - a pink car, not a pale or nearly pink, but a in your face pink - I want, please Father Christmas I have been a very good girl this year - honest!


  1. I think that this should be the colour of all sales reps cars! It would not be easy to drive aggressively in such a wonderous vehicle.
    Well spotted - though you could hardly miss it.

  2. Can you really prove you have been a good girl this year?


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