Monday, 19 March 2012

All I ever seem to do is moan!

Reading back over the last few weeks it seems that I have done nothing but rant and moan! I'm really not that bad, but if something really annoys then better out than keep it in than let it fester......that's what my grandfather always used to say anyway!

Well here's another little moan - I bought 3 balls of a very well known brand of yarn to make a simple cowl - it had cashmere in the blend and it was very soft - that's probably enough clues - and in every ball there was a knot, one was less than a metre and a half from the start of the ball, just hidden and in the other two the knots were further in. When you pay nearly £5 for a 50 gram ball of yarn that says it is 85 metres - I expect to get 85 metres, not 80 metres and another five after a knot - nuff said, rant over.

For the last few days I have been dyeing, lots of dyeing! I resolved that after some pretty poor results with ready mixed colours that I would go back to basics and the primaries. Nothing to do with the Americna electoral system - primary colours!

I have bought two reds, one bright and one soft, two blues, again bright and soft, two yellows (bright and soft) and black, and so that I can make even more shades a magenta (fuschia) and a turquoise - that's it the basics, just like a colour printer! It isn't a quick method, well not at first, because you have to mix up all your dye stock - that's 500ml of each, but once you have those the rest is easy and repeatable, just as long as you keep notes and I am, copious and meticulous ones.

And look what I dyed today (still drying) on the radiator!

There are a couple that aren't exactly what I hoped to get, but mostly I am dead chuffed with the results!

Here are some earlier attempts

As you can see I am trying to get away from pink, just had to slip one in for luck!

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  1. Its good to have a good old moan sometimes! I really admire your dyeing - the colours look wonderful although I do rather like that pink in the last photo! Maggie xx


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