Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Swatching! Who needs to?

Found out to my cost that swatching is really important.  I had found a pattern done in Aran yarn for a Union Jack cushion - it supposed to be done in a King Cole (acrylic uck!) yarn and I needed it to be 100% English wool.  I was fortunate enough to find some lovely natural Jacobs yarn (not cheap, but very nice) in an Aran weight and I dyed it.  Great cast on and knitted the front - then I thought that does look a little on the large size - it was supposed to come up 18 inches and I was working with a size smaller needles to get it down to 16 inches - the requirement for the Woolsack project - give or take an inch!

Its come out a whopping 25 inches square and it hasn't been sewn properly or blocked yet!   And unsurprisingly I have run out of yarn!!  So do I frog it or buy more yarn?  Guess I buy and dye up some more yarn and finish it off, but that means that I still have to make a proper Union Jack cushion for the project - I did promise it and I can't welch on a promise......

The good news is I have a reprieve - cushions for the Paralympians can be stuff at Fibre East in July - dramtically wipes beads of sweat from forehead - and this cushion is for our top tennis star!

On the tennis theme I have got tickets for Wimbledon - three days!  Centre Court for Ladies Quarter Finals, really wanted the Wednesday for the Men's!  Also got tickets for the Friday and Sunday so that I can see the Wheelchair event..

This Friday I am off to London for more training as a Games Maker and the Test Event for the Wheelchair Tennis at Eton Manor over the Bank Holiday weekend.  I am a Sport Statistician and I get training for my role this coming weekend so should have more idea what I am expected to do then! By the way the shift hours are 8.30am to 7pm - hope that I get a break at some time!!!!!!!    

I think that I get to collect my uniform as well, we get a jacket, polo shirt, trousers, trainers, socks, cap, bag, water bottle and an umbrella which we get to keep if we complete the games - but if they think that I am wearing a cap......................


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