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10 little known things about the Olympics

There was a big thing on Ravelry regarding the use of the name Ravalympics for a competition that ran at the same time as the actual Olympics.  Knitting apparently disparaged the work of athletes, but the US Olympic Committee missed the fact that until 1948 Arts and Crafts were part of the Games - so perhaps we should pushed for the re-introduction of such competitions for 2018......

Anyway as part of my research into the Arts and Crafts side of the Games I came up with these little known facts:

One.    The 1944 Olympics was due to be held in London, but because of the war only a small event was held at Lausanne – the IOC HQ

Two.    Arts and Crafts were included in the 1948 Games for the last time, because it was considered that the participants were actually professionals

Three.  The 126th annual Wenlock Olympian Games was held this year.  Much Wenlock was the home of the true founder of the modern games.  This year the Games included ‘Kwik Cricket’ and Gliding
Four.    There were only 9 sports in the original 1896 games.  Here should have been 11 but rowing and yachting not held because of the weather

Five.    Launceston Elliot – a Scot – won gold in the one armed weightlifting having only got silver in the lift now known as clean and jerk – his style was not as good as the winner!

Six.      Motor boating was included only in 1908

Seven. Oscar Swahn, a Swede, won silver in 1920, he was the oldest sport medallist at 72 – in double-shot running deer – he was also the oldest sports competitor and was nominated in 1924 but didn’t compete – he would have been 76!

Eight.   John Copley, a British graphic artist won silver for his ‘Polo Player’ work of art in 1948, at 73yrs 11 months oldest Olympic medallist.  Crafts featured 1920 to 1948.

Nine.    Youngest male medallist was in 1896 in the team gymnastics, he was 10yrs and 9mths.  But it is thought that a cox in a gold winning pairs oar boat was only 7 years old

Ten.     In 1900 more athletes took part than spectators who watched.

Other stupid things connected with the Olympics
In Much Wenlock this summer the local children took part in the ECOlympics - LOCOQG obviously missed this.......
The owner of The Olympic Cafe when told he couldn't use the name simply removed the 'O'.
An acquaintance who lives in Much Wenlock told me that LOCOG had told the Parish Council that they couldn't use the name, because it was the 'official' name of the mascot...................
It was reported that suppliers of food within the Olympic Park are not allowed to sell chips (french fries) unless as part of a meal - because you know who sell bags of dried out cardboard at exorbitant prices that they call french fries.....
It was rumoured that anyone wearing a Pepsi T Shirt and Nike trainers wouldn't be permitted entry - this drew the anger of IOC who stated that LOCOG had over stepped the mark - and they had too rigorously interpreted the rules regarding copyright issues and their sponsors.......................
There were sheep in the Opening Ceremony

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