Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Its nice to go travelling....

Last week saw Mr S, Molly, my Ravellenic2012 Shawl and me on the road again and once again we headed for London this time for the Olympics.  We had been lucky enough to get tickets for the Velodrome, but Mr S wanted to watch the Road Time Trials and the location he plumped for was Kingston Bridge. 

Here we (me and the shawl) are on Kingston Bridge in the rain, an example of true dedication both to knitting and cycling - we arrived in Kingston and bagged a place on the bridge at around 10.45am, the Ladies Time Trial started at 12.30pm and the Men's Time Trial at 2.15pm - the last rider went past at approximately 3.35pm. 

This is Chris Froome and it is the only picture taken by Mr S in which you can actually see that it is a cyclist - all the others are a lovely view of the corner by John Lewis.................  for those interested Chris Froome took the Bronze Medal and, of course, Bradley Wiggins the Gold.  I did see him (Wiggo) for the brief three seconds that it took him to cross the bridge - honest.....

Another reason for visiting the capital was to return the Woolsack cushions I had taken to Nottingham along with a further two that I had made from the left overs at Fibre East.

This one is knitted in some beautiful yarn from Sparkle Duck and was a joy to knit with, lovely and soft and of course in my favourite colour........  I may have got lighter in the cushion department, but I came away from 'J's' with enough yarn for another cushion..............................  Having been inspired by the two beautiful cushions she had made especially for two paralympic cyclists, one is blind so J had used Braille writing on the cushion - absolutely brilliant, I am knitting another Union Jack cushion in natural shades.

Saturday we collected our Games Maker's Uniforms - have to say a very slick operation and not too much trouble getting artound on the trains and tube - the BIG event was Sunday and the Velodrome.

Arrived as the heavens opened and the trusty cape came into its own again, but then the sun came out and we ambled through the Olympic Park along an awful gravel surface that reduced me to using Mr S's socks as pushing gloves..........   The Velodrome is truly amazing and we had a great view of the GB riders, particularly Vicky Pendleton! 

and I took my shawl too...... although I only managed two rows in the Velodrome, I did knit on the train.

A truly brilliant day and an experience of a lifetime!

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