Monday, 20 January 2014

Patience reaps it own rewards...........

After moaning to anyone and everyone who would listen concerning the non-arrival of a much longed for parcel from Canada on Saturday morning a Custom's demand dropped onto my door mat!

In reality I think both the sender and I had given up hope of this parcel ever being seen again - I had even searched E-Bay just in case anyone was selling buffalo and silk yarn!  The parcel had been in transit for two months to the day - posted on November 18th it was collected by me on January 18th with much jubilation and several cheers from the waiting queue...

Well what, you might ask, is all the fuss about?  When Mr S asked me what I would really, really like for Christmas, bearing in mind that we don't really do special presents, I thought for a moment or two and declared that I would like to order some luxury yarns from Tabi of Sericin Silkworks.  This, of course, would incur a customs charge, but I thought if I ordered enough the ridiculous £8  'admin' charge would be spread over more items - logical or what?

So this is what I bought -

3 Skeins of Buffalo and Silk 50/50 undyed yarn

3 skeins of Mink, Merino and Silk (70/20/10) undyed yarn

1 skein of 100% Cashmere yarn

1 Skein of Smokey Emerald - Buffalo/Silk yarn

Clouds of Luxury - Camel Down, Brown and White Cashmere, Mink and Buffalo fibre.

At the moment all I can do is to give it squidge every now and again, I will pluck up the courage to get the dye pots out sometime soon!

The other good news is my Ply magazine arrived this morning - only 10 days late!


  1. I know how wonderful Tabi's yarns are because I buy from her whenever I am a vendor at the Knitter's Fair. I would love to try the Buffalo/Silk!!

  2. Its sooooooooooo soft you'd love it!

  3. Nice addition to your stash... at last it reached it's destination. I've just checked her *Etsy... "vacation time" I guess I'll have to check back in February.


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