Friday, 21 November 2014

Colour my World

Last week I had my colours done!  It was something that I had wanted to do for ages, many years in fact, ever since I was told by a colour consultant in Marks and Spencer that I was a Spring person.  But as this was a 2 minute consultation done in artificial light I was never completely convinced.

Well I am not Spring I am a Sprinter Winter, which means I lean to the brighter Spring colours but within a Winter Palette of strong colours.  It was a very interesting process - first you are adorned with a big white bib, and then lots of chiffon scarves are placed around your neck.  First is the question blue or yellow - thankfully I was blue, the yellow shades just drained my face and made me look sallow.

These are my colours

and guess what - these are the colours in my wardrobe.............  So I have naturally gone for the right colours instinctively!

But then rules are made to be broken aren't they - recently I knitted this Ravello sweater

Which according to the 'rules' I shouldn't wear - but everyone says I look fantastic in it!  Its right out of my comfort zone and I wasn't at all sure, but it works, and quite honestly I don't think I could spend all day and every day in eye popping colours.

But there are colours in there that I love and over the last few weeks I have got my weaving mojo back!  At Wonderwool, in April, I bought some 8/2 Toika Tencel from My Fine Weaving Yarn with the idea of weaving some fabric which I could sew with and the colours are perfect for me. 

This a terrible photo, I have tried several times to get a better image, but the yarn has a sheen which seems to bounce the light - hopefully when its off the loom I will be able to get a better one.

This yarn comes in the most amazing, me, colours and really want to expand my weaving knowledge and expertise.  So on recommendation from a friend I bought Twill Thrills which full of the most amazing fabric and even more you are encourage to make things from the fabric, not just weave scarves, stoles or tea towels.... So as soon a the ordered boat shuttle arrives I am going to warp my eight shaft loom. 

Note to self, do try one of the simpler ones to start with............

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