Friday, 5 December 2014

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses............

Why can't people admit a fault and not try to put the blame back on the the consumer?

Recently I was the fortunate recipient of 900grams of Plucky sweater DK yarn!  I was so excited as I had been wanting to try some of this dyers yarn so ages, but with the cost of importing on top of the yarn it was crazy money.  I spent ages searching for the right pattern and finally decided on this KC [Kynance Cove] by Isabel Kraemer.  Not wanting to look like a barber's pole I was going to knit in one colour!

First off the first skein I wound off had three knots, one only two metres from the start of the skein!  This really makes me very cross (for very cross read 'b' angry) The second skein had only two, so some improvement.

So after removing the useless two metres I cast on and as with all of Isabel's patterns it was a really easy knit.  But, the yarn kept twisting back on itself

and there was a definite kink in the yarn.  Was this normal? I asked my friends on Ravelry - try the Plucky forum they said - so I did!

I wasn't the only knitter experiencing this it seemed.  Several knitters had posted saying how difficult it was to knit when the yarn kept twisting back on itself!  I read on...

Now here's where the fun starts - it seems that 'the yarn is perfect' it is the way we knitters wind the yarn for knitting - who do they think they are kidding?

What a load of utter baloney, I couldn't believe that people were actually believing this nonsense. Surely common sense tells you that it is impossible to put that much twist in a yarn with a ball winder. If it was you could put spinning mills out of business....

But just to prove a point I did some experiments!  According to the experts if your swift goes clockwise and your wind your ball winder clockwise you are putting twist into a balanced yarn.  You were supposed to have the swift goes anti-clockwise and the ball winder clockwise?  Well I tried - if fact I wound a skein three times in a clockwise direction and it was still the same balanced yarn that I had started with. 

Bearing in mind that this yarn had been purchased from the same update, they weren't well matched for colour either.  If little me with in my kitchen can dye 10 well matched skeins, why can't 'professional dyers' do the same?

Not sure whether it is clear from this photo, but the second skein was darker and less mottled than the first - yes I should have alternated, but why? I don't have to with my dyed yarn..

And finally - why can't these 'professionals' produce a decent/untangled skein?  I have just spent over an hour winding yarn off a badly tied skein - absolute nightmare and there are three more to go - so that's the afternoon gone, when I could have been doing something productive...  

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