Friday, 15 January 2016

Another bag and a new weaving project

I must be a glutton - how many colour Gamp bags does a girl need?  Well I now have two and a wallet!

It seemed a shame to waste all that fabric, plus I wanted to see if I could make a necessary clutch wallet without buying the actual pattern. Very pleased with the results! Got lots of comments in John Lewis yesterday too!

Onwards to the next weaving project..  On the Warped Weavers Forum there is a WAL (weave along) involving the book 'Next Steps in Weaving' and rather than starting with Chapter One, I jumped to the Chapter on Summer and Winter - something I have wanted to try for a while, but couldn't get my head around the process.

I didn't have the right weight of cotton so I am using a 5/2 cotton for the warp and tabby weft and it used double for the pattern weft - perhaps not the best, but I have finally worked out what I should be doing.  The tabby pick is woven between every pattern pick and hey presto you have a double sided fabric which is light on one side and darken the other - summer and winter!

Here is my progress so far..


  1. The bags and clutch look amazing, do they include any of your handspun yarn?

    1. No handspun, but I dyed all the yarn used in the Gamp.


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