Monday, 4 January 2016

No New Years Resolutions

I have really neglected this blog over the last few months, but this is a sign that I have been incredibly busy spinning, weaving, dyeing and generally making things.  I will try to keep up, but make no promises....

Since the weaving workshop last May I have finally got to grips with my loom, that had languished unloved for several years.  The workshop was intended to be a final fling - a point of decision, to keep or sell...  However, the real change was the purchase of a DVD 'Warping Your Loom' with Madelyn van der Hoogt.  This was a light bulb moment and since then my weaving has gone from strength to strength... What you cannot do is weave well if you can't get a warp on your loom - twisted threads and uneven tension is a real no-no and quite honestly makes the whole process not fun..

My intention with weaving always had been to make fabric that I could make things from and I have done it!

First I dyed a selection of sock yarn in six bright colours, this was inspired by the Lunatic Fringe Colour Spectrum, and warped up a colour gamp - which is a sort of sampler of twills..

I made a three yard warp and got a finished length of 84"  from this I made this

Success - i have achieved my goal!  Although it is still awaiting handles as I ran out of black thread and Royal Mail seems to have gone on a go slow - although I ordered last Monday and received a notification of dispatch on Tuesday I am still black thread less a week later...

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