Friday, 3 February 2012

Life in chez sassy

Despite the bitter weather life in chez sassy has been steaming along - work on the new website is really getting somewhere at last! I can really understand why firms charge so much for this service! There are so many things to remember and each action has a bearing on what was already done and what there still is to do. It definitely isn't just taking a pic and posting it on the site. All pictures have to be a certain size and a certain format - so each and every photo has to be re sized and saved... That might not seem very much, but multiply that by say 50-60 photos and it isn't a five minute job. Descriptions - well I started writing each one as I posted the picture - am I stupid or what? One whole day was taken up with descriptions and tagging - yes a whole day and I am still making alterations as I think of possible tags or a better way of describing.

In the midst of all this technology I took possession of my new sewing cabinet or 'the work station' as I like to call it. No more does Mr S have to lug my sewing machine onto the breakfast bar - all I have to do is open the doors and top and hey presto up pops the machine, and the really nice thing is now I have a good view of the garden when stitching

And when I have finished it just disapears - magic?

And just to prove how efficient the new set-up is here is a bag I made. ( just couldn't resist the cute cats on this material )

Inspiration for this bag came from the little chinese dumplings or dim sum, tiny parcels with delicious fillings, or in case of the bag you can fill it with your latest project (available soon!)

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  1. I love your new work station! How great is that when you can just tidy it all away?! Looking forward to following your blog - I found you through Ravelry when you kindly faved my wool eater blanket :) Maggie xx


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