Monday, 27 February 2012

Who altered the clocks?

Yesterday I went to Unravel which is held at The Maltings in Farnham - the building itself is worth a visit, but yesterday it was all about woolly things - knitting and all that! Not Wonderwool, but then it doesn't set out to compete!

Much cosier and very very inspiring - lots of ideas which have been going round and round in my head, so much so that I have lost a whole morning going over and pondering ideas - so when I looked at the clock, thinking that it was about 10.30ish I was amazed to find that it was 11.45 and I hadn't even showered...........

One of the great things I found and discussed with the seller was weaving sticks - I had heard talk of them, but had never actually gone into the idea in any great detail - but it struck me that this would be ideal for our demonstrations - something that children could easily cope with and which wouldn't break!

And I also bought a wheel - not for me - for the group! An Ashford Traditional - right price and in good condition, so now we don't have to worry about our wheels at shows when people want to have a go! It is quite old, but Ashfords go on for ever - no problem about getting parts for a proven design - the only changes they have made over the years are cosmetic!

Came with a lazy kate and four bobbins - so that can't be bad - now if I could just find those lost hours................. they must be around here somewhere!

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  1. I've never done any spinning but those weaving sticks look interesting. Maggie xx


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