Saturday, 19 May 2012

Dyeing Success and NOOT

While in London I purchased a beautiful skein of Madeline Tosh Sock yarn in a gorgeous toffee shade aptly named Glazed Pecan.  It was immediately jumped upon by the folks at SpinDyeweavers last Saturday and much admired - it is really much nicer in the flesh than in the pictures on the web!  Well never one to turn done a challenge I have spent several afternoons and lots of mini skeins trying to match the colour.

Think that I am about there, just need to make it less solid, but on a larger skein that will be much easier! 

On a completely different topic - at the Spinning Wheel on Monday we were discussing the differences between double and single drive spinning wheels, (one of the spinners had just acquired a Schacht Matchless)  and as I had tried spinning on a double drive Komski Minstrel only a week or so before I was very interested in the conversation.  I have to admit even though the Minstrel was double treadle it was so well set up that I could get it going with my good leg - and it did spin like a dream..............................

So I need a single treadle double drive spinning wheel, not too much to ask is it?

Currently on the market there isn't a single treadle double drive wheel available (if there is let me know because I can't find one) other than a traditional style wheel and I haven't got room for another bigish wheel  - what I need is a castle type wheel - am I asking for the moon? 

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