Wednesday, 30 May 2012

NOOT granted and another NOOT defined

In a little over six weeks I shall (hopefully) be the new owner of a beautiful Haldane Orkney - I am so excited that I would be skipping around if I could........... did do several loops of the bungalow whooping much to Mr S's amusement..........    I had been looking out for a double drive castle wheel for nearly 10 days, and was watching three on E-Bay, when joy of joys a fellow Raveller offered me my heart's desire and I can try it before committing (not that there is any doubt) at Fibre East in July.

I am sure the present owner won't mind me posting this pic of the little beauty - I think I shall name her Patience!  Mainly because I have to wait weeks, but also because I think that I shall need patience getting to know her as I have only spun on a double drive once for about five minutes.............

To console myself for having to wait, I bought the new bag making book form Lisa Liam - A Bag for All Reasons.  It is full of lovely bags that I can't wait to make, indeed I should be finishing off the first one but am waiting for the postie to bring some sewing clips which replace pins and make sewing many layers a doddle!  Also waiting for some of the new interfacing Decovil to arrive - more about these new products soon!

The other need is a new phone - all my friends have now got one of the new smart phones - and I need a new phone - yes really need!  Currently, and for the last six years I have been with Orange, and for all of these six years I have had the most lousy signal at home - mostly there is no network coverage or if we can actually get a signal the call is often dropped.  We live in a dead spot according to Orange, but we tried an 02 Sim and got a perfect five...................... 

In a more philosophical mindset I ask the question - why, when one appliance goes wrong do others join in?  A couple of weeks back our bread maker stopped working, and as Mr S is a coeliac it got a lot of use!  The new one arrived and then for some reason all the bread failed, it either didn't rise or it over-proved and collapsed.  Even the pizza bases didn't come up like normal - was the hot weather affecting the yeast?  Couldn't understand what was going on - then an eureka moment I tested the scales there was the source of all our problems - it was nearly 25% out but not consistently over or under, just wrong!  So now we need new scales to go with our new bread maker and a new door bell.  It had been working on an occasional basis, but gave up altogether this week - so postman please knock........... he did so off to the sewing machine..........................

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