Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Errata - things good and bad!

I did warn you at the beginning that this was going to be a long story, and if you have kept up - well done! 

Do you wonder why I kept going back for more?  Well, like the curate's egg, it was good in parts!

I got to meet lots a really wonderful people most of whom were doing a difficult job under trying circumstances, and a lot of them were doing it for nothing!  They went out of their way to make things happen, and many of them will be there in September, so perhaps we will laugh over the problems then. 

There were some most charming and helpful team leaders who went out of their way to try and put things right and mostly did, especially those in the Eton Manor Technology Team, the people on the shuttle buses, and the Polish security guard who found the keeper of the keys!
The actual job that I will be doing is exciting and challenging and I wouldn't miss it for the world - the Olympics and Paralympics won't come back to the UK on my lifetime (well perhaps if I live to one hundred and twenty nine plus!), so it is the proverbial  'chance in a lifetime'.

I found that Londoners in general are helpful and chatty and that smiling gets you everywhere.

Remember this was a TEST EVENT - if it had gone right and there had been no problems then no-one would have learnt anything!

And that there are people for whom being nasty is an art and one should feel sorry for them. Because it is so much easier to be nice - smiling uses less muscles than frowning, keeping your cool is good for your blood pressure, saying YES rather than NO makes people happy and best of all nobody likes a misery - smile and the world smiles with you, cry and you cry alone - very trite but true!

A couple of little niggles that escaped mention were that:

a) Somebody made a decision to remove all bins from the accessible toilets - there was uproar when one of the cleaners found a used catheter, what did they expect most of the athletes are paraplegics!

b) Only when the only lift broke down, was it discovered that the only accessible route to the Rest Room meant going out side the complex which meant going through securty again!

Oh and yes I will be there in September.................

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