Sunday, 10 June 2012

Good News - Bad news.............

Over the past week I have heard that a very dear friend and a very dear friend's mother both have advanced cancer.  Ok they aren't youngsters, but nowadays there are lot of very young 80 year olds, full of life and living life to the full and to hear that they both have possibly only weeks was devastating. 

Then it struck me that these are both lovely people - Mr K is most gentle and kind man I have ever had the privelige to meet (well aside from Mr S that is!) he will never say as bad word about any one even when he was bad-mouthed by a bitter old woman jealous of his new found happiness.  Because after nursing his wife with Alzhiemers for years until her death he has found a new person to share his life with - she is a super woman who lost her husband to cancer several years ago -  so they have both had hard times but now they are so happy and busy - it has been a pleasure to see them together, little rays of sunshine always smiling and ready to lend a hand in an emergency - so why him? I know life isn't fair. but sometimes it does seem that it is always the nice ones, never the nasty ones - and yes I know that even people that appear nasty may have a nice side but can't show it for some reason..................... but really life is just not fair!

But there has been some good news as well to conteract the bad.  Mr S has been offered a Games Maker role for the Paralympics at the same venue as me - Eton Manor - so hopefully we shall be doing similar shifts for the wheelchair tennis event and he won't just be tagging around as my carer!  It just means that we have to go down to London while we are away on our travels in July which means travelling from Nottingham to St Pancras.  Just been checking London Transport for the best way to get to Canary Wharf from St Pancras - well I might as well have been asking for directions to the moon.................the only good thing that I could find out is that access at the station is fine - lots of new lifts installed...............we'll see.

Off now to weave a couple more cushions for the Woolsack project, have done three so far, honest, I just forgot to take pictures!

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