Thursday, 7 June 2012

Got my sewing mojo back

Mr S says I'm like a butterfly flitting from one project to another leaving many nearly done!  Well I suppose he right, but you know how it is inspiration hits and off you go............... Well I finally got out the sewing machine and quilted my cat quilt that has been waiting to be finished off since January. This meant that I could get on with other things

This being unfinished meant that the quilt for our bed couldn't be put together because all the pins were in use.................  Well that is now sorted and after several hours rolling around on the floor I managed to get the backing fabric, wadding and quilt together!  It is at times like this that I wish we had carpet on the floors, 'cos on wooden floors the whole thing keeps slipping all over - a real nightmare which wasn't helped at all by Mr S laughing at me and Molly walking casually across just at the wrong moment!  Seriously he did help and now I have to decide how to quilt and what thread to use dark blue or turquoise!

Also on the sewing theme, last week I bought the new book  A Bag for All Reasons and it sparked me off into a bag making session - well the first one can hardly be called a bag, because it is a wallet and as I didn't have any matching thread all stitching shows, but it takes some of my cards..................

The new interfacing (Decovil) I ordered arrived and it is really wierd, and does have the feel of leather, so am redesigning the inside of the wallet, because I am not at all sure about the middle pocket for coins, which hasn't got a proper closure - going put more card slots in the middle which I think will be more useful and make a matching purse. Here are the peices all cut out and ready to sew.


But second is a bag and I am very happy because it has sorted out the problem of fitting the zip into my 'bag in a bag' idea.  This is an attempt to get a drawstring bag inside a zipped bag so that all the little bits and pieces are kept safe, but it has never looked how I envisaged and has been on hold for several months because I couldn't get the zip to sit nicely!

Well the instructions for this bag has solved my problems. 

There are few issues this bag - it doesn't sit flat but that is because I didn't have the right interfacing and used some pelmet stiffening, and I am not sure about the handle which is a little off centre (my fault) and just knotted together - but the zip sits perfectly and that is the main issue. 

Good news - my polwarth/merino fleece is shorn - its owner survived the winter and it's huge - can't wait to pick it up week Saturday at the North Somerset Fleece in Kington Seymour that's 10 days ......................   I'm sure that all this waiting for things can't be good for me - I am a 'want it now' sort of person, goes off stamping wheels in disgust...........

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