Wednesday, 27 June 2012

My Calendar Wheel or the £15 Spinning Wheel......

This post is going to be very heavy on pics as I try to describe how Mr S and I made this fantastic wheel from a 10 foot length of timber some nuts, bolts and a selection of screws. 

First off here is the link to the inspiration.  It is a spindle spinning wheel and the US version cost just under $7 to make.  Timber here in the UK is more expensive, but I estimate that it easily comes in under £15!

First off you have to cut 12 blocks four inches long that are chamfered on one side and lay them out in a circle - we screwed them together (Mr S doesn't like nails, screws he says can always be removed but nails can't!!) 

Here is the wheel with the cross pieces in place - the axle goes through the centre where the cross braces meet - very simple and of course it is a dodecahedron which is why it is known as the Dodec Wheel....

Next the base and treadle.  Here I must emphasise the neatness of the design as all these pieces were cut from one length of timber, the angles making the the base.  You can see the cutting diagrams here but all I can say is 'that it was real simple'............

The upright slips into the slot formed in the base.  We had to make some adjustments here because the upright is made out of thicker timber than the base - the next one will be made with the same size timber for everything which will eliminate the need for adjustments. lol...

Here is Mr S about to attached the wheel to the upright - you need a M8 bolt, washers and nuts for this bit and a lots of candle wax to ensure that the wheel spins nicely.........

And here is the wheel attached..................  Next is the receiver or spindle this a nifty idea and the specs for cutting the bits for this are here

This is the receiver or spindle attached to wheel the bolts under the spindle allow for adjustment - and in order to ply you need three spindles, so we made two more

And finally the completed wheel

on which I have spun this

Not the best yarn I have ever produced, but it is the first on a spindle wheel!  The hardest bit I am finding in the quarter turn back so that you can wind on the yarn - but that's my mobility problems not the wheel.

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